New Products

The CID Skid Steer Forestry Disc Mulcher is the newest addition to our lineup of cutters. With a robust 60” diameter fully machined disc, there is no job too tough to tackle. Mulches 6” material in a matter of seconds and cuts 14” diameter trees like it is nothing.

  • 60” fully machined disc – no welding on disc.
  • 150cc motor requires 32-44 GPM, 3200-5000 PSI.
  • 200cc...

Simply scoop up the dirt and rocks, spin the drum and the rocks are picked clean. Perfect for construction cleanup, storm cleanup or any type of debris cleanup where you want the dirt separated.

  • Direct drive design.
  • 1 ¼” heavy duty steel rods.
  • American made hydraulics.
  • No chains or sprockets.
  • 20 GPM standard, high flow optional.

The CID X-treme Skid Steer Grapple Rake Attachment are ideal for raking up debris, moving or picking up logs, rocks, brush and other oddly shaped and hard to lift material. The grapple rake attachment can then be used to load the material into a dump truck. The shape of the grapple rake makes it easy to roll debris into tight piles if you are planning to burn.

  • Available as a single...

The CID Hay Accumulator Grapple is a great addition to your attachment collection. It has a unique design. It allows one man in a skid steer to gather eight to ten square bales of hay. Then use the grapple to lift, load and off load to a trailer. You can also use the hay accumulator to stack hay up in the fields for later pick up. It can also be used to stack hay in big barns or buildings....

The skid steer box scrape ripper is the perfect skid steer attachment for reconditioning gravel roads and driveways. The rippers will resurface the gravel that is buried in the ground over time.  While the cutting edges will smooth out and level the gravel. This will save you from having to refill driveways with gravel everytime it starts to settle.You can drive the box scrape forward or...