New Products

  • Easily converts your tractor loader to a skid-steer style quick attach.
  • Supports John Deere or Euro loaders.
  • Other mounts available upon request.
  • Quick Attach Truss Jibs For Telehandlers
  • Custom built to fit your machine.
  • Many lengths are available.
  • Slips over your fork tines.
  • It has a high carbon 3/4" x 6" cutting edge
  • Heavy duty 1-inch diameter pins secure the bucket to your forks.
  • Ideal for light material, trash, and general site clean up.
  • ...
  • Available to fit most makes and models of Telehandlers
  • Optional bolt-on cutting edge
  • 2x3 tubular cross members to give the bucket extra strength.
  • 1/2" wear bars on the bottom of the bucket.
  • ...

Atlas Copco´s multi grapple concept is offering low operating weight with high gripping volume. Maximum loading performance and high gripping force help to increase the demolition performance as well.

  • Hydraulic rotary drive
  • Grapple and wear parts made...

The Atlas Copco range of hydraulic compactors covers a broad spectrum of applications and customer needs. They are designed for compacting soil, trenches and slopes and also for diving and extracting piles.With rig-mounted hydraulic compactors from Atlas Copco, there is no need for personnel in the direct area of operations, thus reducing noise and safety risks. Work in trenches in particular is made safer.


SB Series Breaker - Small - Up to 17 Ton

  • SolidBody concept integrating percussion mechanism and guide system into a single block of special cast iron, decreasing the total number of parts significantly, eliminating certain components, e. g. damping & guiding elements and tie rods or stud bolts, completely and resulting in an extremely slim and compact shape to simplify handling
  • Replaceable piston liner for low repair costs
  • Oil drainage plug for quick &...

The X-treme Angle Broom Attachment is powered by a reversible high torque motor. It has an 8” core and a 26” wafer or can come with 10″ core and 32″ wafer. Poly and steel wafers are available. We also offer a universal 8 pin or 14 pin wiring harness.

  • Available with manual or hydraulic angle.
  • Your choice of poly or steel wafers.
  • Available sizes: 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″.
  • Cylinder size: 3″ x 6″.
  • Broom Angles left & right.
  • Optional 10″ core 32″...

The CID Tree Spade is an essential tool in the landscaping and lawn care or nursery industry that can easily dig out stumps, transplant trees or dig trenches. Our tree spade is made from abrasion resistant ¼” AR400 material. The front edge is beveled to give a sharp penetrating edge for digging. This is offered in 40” and 48” sizes.

  • Made with ¼” AR400 Material
  • Front Beveled Edge
  • Available sizes: 40”, 48”
  • Hydraulically angles 30 degrees in either direction
  • Replaceable bolt-on wear edge
  • Skid shoes with adjustable height
  • Spring loaded trip edge